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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Stiforp Products

Why Stiforp is different from every other company in the networking industry?

NO COMPETITION – With tools that EVERY Network Marketer MUST HAVE to stay competitive in the industry for just $9.95 per month, we are not competing with your current network marketing program. We are helping you BUILD IT!
HUGE COMPENSATION PROGRAM – With EVERY Network Marketer in the industry soon being a member of STIFORP, our compensation plan allows you to earn up to $2,047.50 per month without ever enrolling a single person!
Stiforp offers almost everything you need in network marketing industry. With this tools you can easily take ANY business to the next level. By joining Stiforp you will get tools to promote three different businesses in the same time. So you can promote two own businesses and as third option you can refer Stiforp business and earn commissions for it.
This is the true POWER of the STIFORP tools. The challenge with so many home based business opportunities is that other than a corporate replicated website, many companies really don't have much of an online presence. This makes it very difficult to build quickly and for your team to duplicate, which can often be the reason they may not join your program.
The STIFORP tools allows you to bridge that gap and create a HUGE online presence for your company while creating a system to capture the information of people who visit your site AND follow up with them automatically...a powerful way to explode ANY business you are building online.
With STIFORP, you get to build up to THREE of your own websites and YOU decide what your prospects see. For example if you want to send your prospects to a landing page with a video spokesperson to capture their information and then to a flash movie to get them excited about your business, and then forward them to your company's replicated website, you can do that... and it's REALLY EASY!
Just click the edit button next to each entry to build your page. Then just drive your traffic there and watch your system work! You can even add these pages into your Traffic Rotator tool!
With STIFORP, you can help automate your business and maximize your results!
Here are videos that explain how to set up pages.
Set up pages for other businesses VIDEO 1
How to set up pages for Stiforp business VIDEO 2
For promoting your own businesses you can choose many landing pages offered in office. Here are few samples:

Talk about an awesome tool! NOW, you can have a REAL PERSON appear on YOUR WEBSITE to encourage your prospects to take the next step in looking at your business.
While many companies charge hundreds of dollars for this type of product, as a member of STIFORP, you have your choice of ANY of our awesome actors to add excitement and interest to your opportunity.
Having a real person on your website encouraging your prospects to find out more about your company and opportunity can significantly increase responsiveness, time on your site, and most importantly new sign ups! Use this tool to help take your business to the NEXT LEVEL!
Flash movies are designed for people who are involved in a home based business other than STIFORP, and want to add more of an internet presence to their recruiting efforts. You are welcome to use them to build your STIFORP business, but since STIFORP already has the best automated online recruiting and follow up system in the industry, the flash movies are more geared to help automate your primary business as well.
The challenge with most corporate replicated websites is that they have a lot of great information, but you never know who has actually seen it!
Now, YOU have can have your prospects submit their information so that you can follow up with them after seen your business. You can choose any landing page to use with your business and can swap it out anytime you want.
Each time one of your prospects submits their information on your landing page, YOU receive an email with all of their contact information so that you can get them signed up and duplicating your success.
Available Languages for capture pages are English, Russian and Spanish.
Here you can see how pages for promoting Stiforp looks:
Autoresponders are a great way to let your system work for you while you are doing other things. They help build rapport with your prospect. They keep your prospect up to speed on what’s  going on. And they help to share with your prospect any information that YOU want them to know.
With this tool, you can edit your own messages and custom tailor them to YOUR business. You can also very easily personalize them so that your prospects name appears in the message.
Write your messages carefully as this will be a lot of the exposure that your prospects get to your business. If you want to invite them to join a conference call, put that in the message. If you want them to listen to a recorded call, put it in. Maybe you want them to click on a specific link in your website, or read a certain page of information. Whatever you want them to do, you can set your messages to spread the word for you.
You can even share your message set with people in your team, or import a set from a team member by inserting a password that they give you. Simple and effective!
The page that allows you to access YOUR contacts to help manage your Home-Based Business!
The STIFORP Traffic Rotator is a great way to drive traffic to multiple sites simply by promoting one link. This allows you to build multiple businesses at the same time, test which landing page/video combination gets the best response, or to run a co-op ad campaign for your team.
You can add as many websites as you want to your rotator and decide the "weight" or volume of traffic that goes to each one.
Just as the key to success in traditional business is having a steady flow of customers coming into your store, the key to long term success on the internet is having a constant flow of prospects visiting your website.
Stiforp offers many different ways to help you continue driving traffic to your website every day to keep your business growing strong:
1. Email marketing (Stiforp messages, generic messages, e-mails to other network marketers)
2. Banner advertising
3. Ezines
Users of Stiforp will get very own webinar room. This amazing system will allow leaders and presenters to hold online webinars with up to 500 seats.
There is many more options that Stiforp system offer. Other companies are selling similar software for as much as $1,500. With STIFORP membership you can use it anytime you want!

Next for the PAY PLAN!

Stiforp pay plan

While the biggest focus of Stiforp awesome tools is to help you EXPLODE your primary business opportunity to the NEXT LEVEL, you will want your new team members to have access to the same powerful tools that YOU used to build YOUR TEAM. Because of that, Stiforp have put together aPOWERFUL compensation plan to help you earn even MORE.
Powerline Bonuses
Every day, more and more people are joining STIFORP either to use our powerful tools to build their existing business, or to take advantage of Stiforp huge compensation plan, or BOTH. One of the most exciting parts of Stiforp Compensation Plan is that you can start to earn income just by locking in your position!
In fact, YOU WILL GET PAID on the first 3 people under you in the powerline just by locking in your position. How’s that for proof that this is the FASTEST PAYING compensation plan in the industry!
Fast Start Bonuses
For each new member that you personally enroll in STIFORP, you will earn a $25 Fast Start Bonus paid that week!
-PLUS, for everyone those people enroll, you will earn a $2 Second Generation Fast Start Bonus, and a $1 Third Generation Fast Start Bonus for everyone those people enroll!
-And as you achieve ranks of 4 Star and 5 Star in our HUGE compensation plan, you will earn an additional $1 Infinity Override for every single person in your open 4 Star and 5 Star enroller tree!
Stiforp pay plan
*Examples: If you are a 5 Star leader and you enroll someone, you will earn the 25 Fast Start Bonus plus the $1 4 Star Infinity Override, and the $1 5 Star Infinity Override, for a total of $27. If you are a 5 Star leader and 2,742 people joined your team before anyone else in your organization advanced to 4 Star or 5 Star, you would receive the $1 4 Star Infinity Override AND the $1 5 Star Infinity Override for a total of $2 per person REGARDLESS of what level they fell on in your organization for a total of $5,484 on TOP of all other commissions!
Matrix CommissionsWhen you lock in your position in STIFORP, you are given your own business center in our fast filling 2x14 Matrix! As more people join STIFORP every week, they are placed in the matrix UNDER everyone who is already in there. So the sooner you lock in your position, the higher your position will be in the matrix.
Stiforp work from home
Distributors and 1 Star leaders automatically qualify to get paid on 12 levels in their matrix. 2 Star leaders qualify to get paid on 13 levels in their matrix. And 3 Star, 4 Star and 5 Star leaders qualify to get paid on a FULL 14 LEVELS in their matrix!
All percentages are based on monthly $9.95 membership fees. Commissions for people who join at the yearly option will be paid out over 12 months as $9.95 per month.
Matching BonusesAs HUGE as the Fast Start Commissions and Matrix Bonuses are, Stiforp Matching Bonuses are even BIGGER!
On top of the $2,047.50 or $8,191.50 that you can earn in your personal matrix, you also have the ability to match 50% of the matrix commissions on everyone you enroll, AND a percentage everyone those people enroll FIVE ENROLLMENT GENERATIONS DEEP, regardless of where they fall in your matrix!
Stiforp work from home
Example: If you are a 1 Star leader, and you enroll just 4 people into STIFORP, and each one of them were earning $800 per month in their matrix, you would match 50% of each of their matrixes for a total of $400 each, making you an additional $1,600 per month on TOP of YOUR matrix commissions!
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